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Montag, Oktober 24, 2005

Why use Linux?

I've been using Linux for about 6 months now. At the beginning I was very sceptical because everything seemed to be very complicated - that's why I kept Windows on dual boot on my laptop. But last week I finally removed it!
Though I'm neither a programmer nor are my studies computer-related, so though I'm just an ordinary user (and even a girl ;-) ) I'm now very happy with my system and everything just works fine.

So why do I prefer Linux?

1. It's secure. I don't have to install any anti-virus or firewalls.
2. It's free. I can have Linux for very few money (just an empty CD and internet) and I can do with it (copy, change, mess it up ;-) ) whatever I want without violating the law.
3. It's convenient. With a fast internet-access there are so many excellent applications you can use - it's a dream!
4. It's nice. Especially with the KDE Desktop there are a lot of nice Eye-Candies, but also Gnome can be beautiful.
5. It's social. There are a lot of public forums, mailing lists, newsgroups.. you can get help everywhere.
6. Last but not least: It's easy to use. Ok, at the beginning you have to learn the basics: all beginnings are difficult. But after some time you'll get used to it and you will see that it's not difficult at all.


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