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Freitag, November 04, 2005

Nice Programs II: Superkaramba

Superkaramba is a very nice tool that allows you to change your desktop (only KDE) by adding interactive eye-candy. You can display the weather-forecast on your desktop, your rss-feeds, control your music player (amarok, xmms..), control your CPU-usage and so on..

I don't recommend to download Superkaramba with adept or apt-get because the package may be a little old already.

So download the version 0.37-RC1 of Superkaramba from here (scroll down and click on: "0.37-RC1 - Most recent source code"). Downoad the file from a server near by.
Rightlick on the downloaded archive and uncompress it (a new folder named superkaramba-0.37-RC1 will be created).
Open a Konsole.
cd yourdirectory/superkaramba-0.37-RC1

(of course "yourdirectory" has to be replaced with the directory where the new folder is in, p.ex. /home/zerlinna/programs)

Now you have to compile it. Don't worry, it's easy.Type one after the other:
sudo make install

If ever you receive error messages when you type ./configure, read them carefully. ./configure tells you if there are libraries missing on your system. If ever it tells you something's missing (like gcc or python etc.) you can download them with adept (see previous post). Make sure you have the newest version.

After "make install" the installation of superkaramba itself is complete. To add applications on your desktop, open superkaramba and click on "Get New Stuff". Now you can choose and enjoy!

Here you can find more about Superkaramba.

A very nice and famous theme is "liquid weather". After having installed superkaramba, just download it from a mirror on this site, move it into a directory and doubleclick it (while superkaramba is running). If ever it's not working, run superkaramba from the konsole and see which errors you get.


  • Why not just do -
    apt-get install superkaramba


    By Anonymous Anonym, at 2/06/2006 10:05:00 nachm.  

  • When I wrote this post, there was only a very old version of superkaramba on the repos, so I couldn't use the liquid weather theme because it doesn't support older versions of superkaramba (as this is the case for many other themes too).
    I don't know which version is available in the repos for now, maybe it would work with apt-get too, today :-)

    By Blogger Zerlinna, at 2/06/2006 10:30:00 nachm.  

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