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Freitag, Dezember 30, 2005

Basic Knowledge I: Install programs from source

I decided to include some basic knowledge into my blog - not everything (I never could do that, and there's already a lot of information about this stuff on the net) -- but some things I had problems with at the beginning because it wasn't easy to find explanations on the net.
One thing like that was: What means "install a program from source" and: "how do I do that"?

To install a program from source means you have to install the application from a file which has the ending .tar /.tar.gz / tar.bz / .tar.bz2 and not .deb !
.deb files are really easy to install: you just download the file, click, and then "install".

Install from source is a little bit more complicated, but not very hard though.

You just have to follow these steps:

Download the file into a directory (p.ex.: /home/zerlinna/). Then you need to unpack the file (all the endings named above are endings for compressed files - that's why we need first to decompress them). You can do this by rightclicking on the file: "Extract here". Now there'll be a folder (usually named after the program).

Open your konsole and go into the directory of this folder, p.ex:
cd /home/zerlinna/program
Then you need to configure it first:
If you get no errors, congratulations! You can move on to the next step. If you got errors, check them carefully. They tell you if you need to install other programs / libraries etc. first.
After configure, type
and after that
sudo make install
This command requires your password.
All of these three commands can take a lot of time (depending on the application you want to install) - don't worry if you have a lot of incomprehensible letters flooding on your konsole :-)

Now you can install programs from source.
If you think: "There must be an easier way to do that!" you are completely right: there is, just have a look at the post above: "Nice Programs IX: Kompile".


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