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Freitag, Januar 06, 2006

Nice Programs X: Kompose

Do you sometimes lose focus of your desktops?
Sometimes, I do.
But there is a very nice program to help you: Kompose.
It shows you all of your desktops in one with the open programs- and you can even jump in right to the program you want to!

Sometimes a picture is better than a thousand words:

So you can see all of my four desktops with the open programs. You can just click into a program (here e.g. OpenOffice, Inkscape, KCalc and so on) or also into a desktop of your choice.
Once started, Kompose stays minimized in the system tray, so if you want to use it again, you can just click the icon and you don't have to restart the whole program again. There is even a shortcut by default: hopefully you have the useless windows button on your keybord, now we can give it a value: clicking it and the tab button at the same time will open kompose (only if it's already running in your system tray of course).
You have also the possibilities to show your desktops 1) ungrouped 2) grouped by virtual desktops 3) current virtual desktop - and to configure kompose and its shortcuts by rightclicking the icon in your system tray. Just try it out :-)

To install Kompose you just have to type
sudo apt-get install kompose
into your konsole, or, if you don't like to use the Konsole, just open adept and search for kompose, click "install" then "commit changes". Usually there shouldn't be any dependency problems (I hadn't).

PS: Remember to use this guide you have to enable the universe / multiverse repository (I'll explain that in my next post).


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