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Samstag, Januar 14, 2006

Nice Programs XI: Digikam

Another post for another nice applications: digiKam.

This program is great to view your pictures and get them organised!
See here how it looks:

Installing it is very easy. Open your Konsole and type:
sudo apt-get install digikam
Of course you can also use adept (or synaptic in Ubuntu).
For first use, click Menu --> Graphics --> Photo Management (digiKam)
Now digiKam will ask you where you have your pictures stored. As default it will propose you /home/name/pictures (e.g. for me: /home/zerlinna/pictures). Of course if your pictures are elsewhere you need to change that (e.g. for me it was: /home/zerlinna/private/pictures).
Now you'll see the miracle of digiKam: it will show all of the pictures and subfolders under the title "My albums". Ok, not so special yet. But the nice thing is: you can add tags to your pictures. In the column at left below your Albums you'll find "My tags". There you can add tags for "people", "events" and "places" - I added friends and family to "people", christmas to "events" and Switzerland, Germany and Strasbourg to "places" (as you can see in the picture below).
If you want to add some photos or folder to the tags, just rightlick them --> add tag
All the photos I tagged with Strasbourg are listed under the tag "Places" Strasbourg now. You can add more than one tag to one photo, meaning: I can list a photo under Strasbourg AND under friends. - Just try it out!


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