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Dienstag, Februar 21, 2006

Sound but no picture? Get Realplayer working for rtsp: streams.

If you followed my little howto Watching Video streams - mms: and rtsp: protocol you maybe encountered the same problem as I did: sometimes Reaplplayer gave me only sound but no picture when streaming.

This problem can be easily solved:

Open RealPlayer choose: "Tools", then "Preferences". In the Preferences window, click the "Transport" tab. Select "Use Specified Transport". There is a button "Configure RTSP" - click it:

The "Transport Settings" window will appear. There you uncheck "Attempt Multicast", "Attempt UDP" and "Attempt TCP", but check "Attempt HTTP".

In the end the "Transport Settings" window will look like this:

Then click "ok" in the "Transport Settings" window, click "apply" and then "ok" in the "Preferences" window to save your changes.

Thanx to Mitch to pointing this solution out to me!


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