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Samstag, März 18, 2006

Delay of Dapper or HowTo create rumours

Truly: Kubuntu Dapper Drake will probably be delayed till first of June. But contrary to some newspages in Germany there is NO official announcement yet.

Ubuntu wiki: MeetingSummary, DelayAnnouncements (Draft), Release Schedule

Newspages who announced prematurely and didn't indicate that there was no official announcement yet:
and last but not least ubuntuusers (after they had been informed about their error, they changed the title from their news from "Now it's official" to "Now it's for sure").

For all of those whose german skills are not enough to read all those carefully, I'll tell you what impression it all gives: reading this, one could believe that each one has copied from the other without verifying the sources (see above) where it is clearly indicatet that there is NO OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT yet. Though I personally think that in fact Dapper will be delayed (everyone does) the newspages should respect those indications and AT LEAST mention that in their posts. Especially ubuntuusers.de which considers itself as the "official german Portal" for Ubuntu and all its derivates (which I may question highly because there is www.kubuntu.de) should inquire carefully before spreading rumours.


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