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Dienstag, April 25, 2006

Statement about protest week from www.kubuntu.de

Here is the actual statement from www.kubuntu.de

Statement about protest week

As from April 20, the site kubuntu.de is online again.
Since our users are very important to us and since our site is an important place for german Kubuntu users, we decided to reactivate kubuntu.de to the benefit of the users. Furthermore, we assure that kubuntu.de will persist in the future. New team members are always welcome.
We hope that all our questions will be clarified soon in order that we can build a roadmap for our further proceeding. Mark Shuttleworth announced meetings and presentations to chart the future of Kubuntu at LinuxTag. Certainly this will help to clarify our questions. This clarification will give us the possibility to comment more precisely. We will publish this comment here some days after LinuxTag.Therefore we ask for our users patience thitherto.

We still think that Kubuntu has huge potential, and we want the KDE distribution Kubuntu to be the number 1 in Europe. Therefore, and for the improvement of KDE, which is already the most popular desktop in Europe, we were and we are still committed.


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