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Samstag, Mai 13, 2006

Report from LinuxTag

Some of you may have asked yourself: what's going on with Zerlinna, where has she gone?
Now it's time to tell you: no, I'm not dead, I was just busy... with LinuxTag.
I've been to LinuxTag last year as a visitor, this time I was there to present Kubuntu at the booth. Now I see such events with new eyes: I see all the work behind the scenes, but also how much fun it can be to work with those nice people.
Of course I was the only woman at the booth - at the beginning I was a bit scared but that changed very quickly because the guys were really cool and we had a great time together.
I finally met Andreas Mueller and Stephan Hermann in person, but also Kenneth Wimer (who made also the great banner for our booth), Raphael Pinson (he hold a speech about kubuntu), Anthony Mercatante, Achim Bohnet, Markus Wimmer and Jonathan Riddell.

We had a lot of visitors at our booth - geeks and non-geeks, but also some corporate clients. For me it was a special pleasure to explain Kubuntu to a few women. I hope that next year there will be even more females.
We had about 1500 Kubuntu CDs one could obtain for free - at the last day they were all gone.
We also sold Kubuntu mugs and stickers for a minimal price - and we had a donation box to cover the expenses of the booth.

Also the social events and the talks with people after the fair were a great experience. I met Till Kamppeter (from linuxprinting.org and Kurt Pfeifle (he's one of the guys behind the very cool application I blogged about - klik).

There were also the meetings about the future of Kubuntu which Mark Shuttleworth had announced previously - an announcement is forthcoming.

One funny story at the end: on friday when I came back from a little break there was a guy waiting for me at the booth. He asked me if I was 'Zerlinna' - and when I affirmed he told me that he was a big fan of my blog and that he wanted to take a picture from me shaking hands with him :-D

All in all I enjoyed LinuxTag very much. Our team gained a lot of experience so that we can even improve for the next year. We'd be pleased to meet you at LinuxTag 2007 at the Kubuntu booth!

German report of linuxTag
Zerlinna's LinuxTag pictures


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