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Freitag, Juni 05, 2009

Blog Closed


as you can see nothing has happened here for a very long time... well, I had moved my blog in 2006, but that other blog was deleted some months ago without me being noticed.
But anyway, I just don't have the time anymore to blog about linux, since I've graduated last year and I'm now teaching at school (provisional teaching with lots and lots of exams as an extra) and I have a million other things to worry about because I love working with the kids. And I hope I can also teach them a great deal about the responsible use of the internet, software, copyright and licensing, FOSS, social software and all that stuff - and hopefully also learn from them, their ideas and their wishes.

Finally, I will buy a new laptop next week (this one's already losing its keys), and don't hit me, but... it's a mac book. I still love linux and I'll never quit using FOSS, but hey, it's a Mac book PRO :-D

So, I thought this might be the appropriate moment to announce my official retirement from Kubuntu, or at least to put my activity on ice for the next two years - until I'm an official teacher with a regular salary and some holidays where I can install the new Kubuntu und play around with it :-)

My special wishes go to all the new linux users out there and of course to the German Kubuntu Team - you are doing a great job, keep it up!



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